What Are The Differences Between Rolex Watches And Omega Watches?

Rolex and Omega are two major watch brands that often compared by many watch fans. In luxury watches, these two brands are the best in terms of sales volume and sales.

It can also say that the two brands, regardless of their brand status or popularity based on sales, are comparable. However, some of the more pure Lao Fan and European fans may not think so. Because they believe Omega) is Rolex (Omega), no other brand can compare.

They have some similarities; the differences are apparent.

For example, in terms of price, the entry-level watch of fake Rolex watch is more expensive than the entry-level watch of Omega. In general, the entry-level watch of Omega is about 2w +, while the entry-level watch of Rolex is about 4w +.

And what is behind the different prices?

The first that the crowd positioned by Omega is slightly closer to the people than Rolex, so on the movement, it equipped with some relatively cheap universal changes.

De Ville series 424. watch, this watch equipped with Cal.2500D movement, the fundamental change is ETA2892, the case made of stainless steel, black leather strap. With date display and other functions, diameter 39.5 mm, Waterproof up to 30 meters, reference price $ 3710 (subject to actual cost).

Rolex Explorer series 214270-77200 black dial watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement, case and bracelet, stainless steel material, distinctive Mercedes-Benz hands on the dial, and 39 mm diameter, waterproof 100 meters, The reference price is $ 7128 (subject to the actual cost).

Here, there is a problem. Everyone needs to understand that general-purpose movements such as ETA do not mean that the action is of poor quality, nor does it mean that it is less accurate than some self-maintenance changes.

On the contrary, some general-purpose movements in mass production are remarkable instability.

An important reason why entry-level watches of imitation Rolex watches are more expensive that Rolex equipped with an automatic movement, and almost all models are involuntary movements. At the same time, the stability of Rolex movements is undoubtedly excellent.

After talking about the entry models, let’s talk about the watches with higher configurations. No matter how expensive the Rolex model is, there are no complicated functions. At most, it set with more diamonds. It is not the case with Omega’s top models, some of which already equipped with a “top-grade” complication like the tourbillon.

Rolex SKY-DWELLER series 326935 watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. The case is 18K rose gold material, with date display, month display, and dual time zone (ps, second-time zone function invented by Rolex, is also an ordinary Rolex (Complicated tasks) and other services. With a diameter of 42 mm and a water resistance of 100 meters, the reference price is $ 45493 (subject to the actual cost).

Omega Defy Series 513. watch, this watch \equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, the dial is hollow. The case made of 950 platinum, with a tourbillon function, the diameter of the watch is 38.7 mm, the water resistance is 30 meters, the reference price is 2279700 yuan (Subject to actual cost).

On the more mainstream watches such as 50,000-100,000, the movements carried by many classic watches of Omega and Rolex are the most classic classics of the brand, such as the Rolex 3135 movement, and Omega 8500. Movement.

Rolex Submariner series 116610LN-97200 watch (water ghost) equipped with Rolex classic automatic mechanical movement Cal.3135. Case and bracelet are 904L stainless steel material, table diameter 40 mm, waterproof 300 meters. The reference price is $ 9193 (subject to the actual cost).
Omega Seamaster Series watch, this watch equipped with an automatic movement Cal.8508, the case is stainless steel, the diameter of the watch is 41.5 mm, and the water resistance is 150 meters. The reference price is $ 6807 (based on the actual cost).

Then briefly talk about the temperament of these two brands.

Omega models are relatively more “gentle and gentle,” so it often said that doctors, professors, etc. are more suitable for wearing omega. The Rolex temperament is more complicated.

On the one hand, there are the blessings of the master watchmaker’s mythical evaluation: “If there is only one watch in a lifetime, then it is Rolex” (ps, for example, if wearing a Rolex, it seems that he understands the watch very well ). On the other hand, there are similar stigmatizations, such as “local tyrants” or even “Tai Tu.”