Reprinted Green Water Ghost Is Hot? The Blue Watch Of Rolex Is More Expensive.

Friends generally talk about replica watches Rolex, Submariner replica watches green water ghost is an unavoidable topic. Naturally, we all think that green represents replica watches Rolex, the rarest, and the most vibrant color. In fact, in many replica watches Rolex watches, blue is the “precious” color, there are blue models in various series, but the price is often eccentrically high. Today, let’s take a look at the expensive “blue” that this replica watches Rolex has introduced, or give us a few more options when buying a watch.

1. The replica watch Rolex Submariner series watch

This watch may be more familiar to us, and it is also one of the most “grounded” watches among the blue-faced submariners. Why is this 18K gold watch grounded? Let ’s introduce it below. The green water ghost and the black water ghost are both standards. They use an oyster case and a magnifying glass calendar plan. The 40 mm diameter, the thickness is 12.5 mm, and the water resistance is 300 meters. The fact made of 18K gold and 904L stainless steel. Blue Cerachrom ceramic ring and gold-coated numbers, compared to green/black water ghosts, this watch is more comfortable to buy, no need to add money, and a little discount.

2. The replica watch Rolex DateJust Series watch

This watch has the iconic triangular pit pattern bezel design, 41 mm stainless steel case, the angular pit pattern bezel is made of 18ct white gold. It is polished and polished to combine the beauty of the two raw materials into one, which is classic and beautiful. The three-dimensional bar scale and the Arabic numerals on the outer ring make the appearance more precise and intuitive.

3. Replica watch Rolex SKY-DWELLER watch

As the messiest watch of all knockoff Rolex watches, this Skywalker has the function of two places and calendars. The 42mm case on the raw material combined with 904L stainless steel and 18K white gold. Command triangle pit pattern two-way rotating outer ring, screw-in double-buckle two-layer waterproof system crown, etc., undoubtedly show the healthy style of replica watches.

4. Re-engraved watch Rolex Aeepsea series watch

At the Basel Wall Clock Exhibition last year, Rolex introduced a new blue and black DEEPSEA watch with a new 3235 movement for the first time. From the original 4000 feet (1220 meters) waterproof depth to 12800 feet (3900 meters) waterproof depth, the waterproof level of most diving watches on the far supermarket. The D-BLUE color dial introduced in appearance is a greeting to the diving record set by James Cameron. From blue to black is the process of diving from shallow to deep.

5. Replica watches Rolex Submariner series watches

This watch is currently the only all-precious metal watch in the Submariner family (water ghost). The dial and bezel are all selected in blue. The case and strap made of 18K white gold. The blue water ghost scale made of durable 18K gold. However, the movement, waterproof depth, and triple waterproof crown are all familiar with the steel replica green and black water ghosts.

6. Replica watches Rolex Daytona series watches

Not every replica Rolex platinum model is ice blue, but every ice blue must be platinum! It sounds rap, but it is the most direct way to identify the expensive replica Rolex! When I saw the top of this watch, I felt that it was “Tong Xin Liang” because its disk surface was “Ice Blue.”

7. Re-engraved watch Rolex Yacht-Master series watches

The Yacht-Master II is specially developed for professional navigators and is the world’s first watch equipped with a patented mechanical memory to set the countdown function. The case size is 44mm, very atmospheric, and the rotatable ceramic outer ring has a beautiful sea blue color. Choose white as the background color, the above pointer and scale use red and blue to match, 12 levels and minutes, hour hand with lake blue luminous function, the lake blue color is exquisite and fresh in the dark.

8. Replica Rolex Day-Date Watch

The replica watches Rolex’s flagship series, the oldest status watch, DAY DATE (that is, DD). All the observations of DD are gold watches or platinum watches. There are no steel watches and no gold watches. Today’s introduction of this 950 platinum watch without any diamonds liked by many senior watch watchers and is called the “refined and elegant” Rolex replica watch.

9. Replica Watch Rolex Submariner Watch

This submariner uses 18K gold raw materials. Its function and planning are familiar with other water ghosts. The 40 mm diameter is an oyster case with a triple buckle and is waterproof to 300 meters. The bezel is a blue ceramic ring. The common thing is that it includes hands, scales, and engraved scales on the bezel. They are all made of gold and coated.

10. Replica watches Rolex Weekly Calendar

As we all know, the watch’s platinum material is a high-grade one among all precious metals. Watches using platinum materials are much more expensive than those using 18K gold. What’s more, the bezel and scale of this watch are set with diamonds, making this watch extremely luxurious.