Does The Luminous Light Of Replica Rolex Watches Radiate Human Body?

I recently received a question from watch fans, “Is luminous watch radiating to the human body?” Today I come to talk to us about those luminous watches.

Watches with luminous function are indeed very cool, but whether glowing light is harmful to the human body or not. Many people do n’t know too much. Some people say that luminous light radiated, and some people say that bright light not emitted.

So is glowing light diffused?

The luminous watch is to facilitate people to get the time in the night, and the real popularity of the bright watch is inseparable from the Hongxing. It is tough to know when performing tasks at night, and it is straightforward to expose it with other light. The orientation is not conducive to ambush, so luminous watches are essential.

The newest luminous watch used radium luminous. The radium element found by Mrs. Curie in the textbooks of the student years trusts that we must still have an image. It is radium. Radium is a radioactive element. After a specific composition, it will emit an absolute brightness of self-luminescence. Again, this self-luminous luminous watch is harmful to the human body because radium is standardized radiation and highly toxic substance, even if it used Rarely. The protection of the glass mirror will also certainly damage the human body.

Later, in the 1950s, a global chemical and industrial research institutions began to restrict the use of radium to the general category, so the “tritium” that replaced the radium element in this period entered history. However, this tritium is the same as radium, which attributed to radioactive data. Although the radioactivity is much smaller than radium, it is also safer.

However, the luminous watch made by tritium has a useful life of about ten years, and after this time, the light will not age and yellow, so this is why we see the luminous yellow of antique watches. Although this tritium-made bright watch has little damage to the human body, it still has a specific cost.

In the 1990s, following the development of science and technology. The real and non-radiation Luminova luminescence is a new type of long-lasting light storage type that rare-earth-based alkaline earth aluminate fluorescent data, which is very environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional luminous data, it is entirely free of Any harmful elements with more stable chemical properties, high brightness, and long afterglow. All in all, it is perfect

What’s more ambitious is that Luminova can participate in various colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, red, etc., to create a colorful luminous effect, further enriches the watch planning.

This raw material then announced by an upgraded version of Super-LumiNova, which only needs to shine for a few minutes under the light and can continue to glow for several hours. The famous Rolex water ghost is the luminous material of choice. So do we understand if there is radiation in the bright watch? If it is between radium and tritium, it may radiate, and now Super-LumiNova is harmless to the human body.

The first luminous watch was born by chance. Since then, the bright watch has never stopped. It was not until the mid-1990s that the new non-radiation environmental data Luminova was accepted and put into production, so the luminous function has become more prevalent in watches. Although the light-duty seems irrelevant in the clock, it is essential for people who work underwater or may work in private.

Rolex Explorer Series 214270-77200 Black Disc

Watch Comments: Rolex Explorer symbolizes the indissoluble bond between the brand and Adventure International. The dial is the eye-catching appearance of replica Rolex watches, interpreting the brand’s classic planning. The new explorer-type watches feature 3, 6, and 9 numbers, hour symbols, and hands covered with luminous materials that emit long-lasting blue light, and can read the time in black.

This strap equipped with an Oyster-style buckle that prevents accidental opening and an easily adjustable link that can easily extend for comfortable wearing. The watch fitted with a 3132 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement equipped with Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex cushioning equipment.

IWC Ocean Timepiece Series IW358002

Watch Comments: The prototype of this watch is a diving watch specially made for minesweeper divers in 1982, which was planned by legendary planner Ferdinand A. Porsche. The hands, dial, and rotating inner ring have a luminous coating. The luminous planning makes the watch visible underwater or black, convenient for operation in marine and dark environments.

The rotating outer ring of the watch is easy to operate. Thanks to the SafeDive system, even if you wear gloves, you can accurately work without misadjustment. The clock equipped with the self-retaining 80110 movements, which can supply 44 hours of power storage after winding.

Zenith Pilot Series 29.2430.679 / 21.C753

Watch Comments: The creative idea of this watch comes from the legendary Zenith aviation watch. The retro Roman numeral hour markers covered with SuperLuminova SLN C3 super luminescent materials, which are still clearly visible in black. The bronze case adds a scent to the watch. The watch is equipped with a brown oily matte leather strap, showing the classic and retro charm.

Summary: Regarding the current prevalence of various lighting things in the electronic age, the luminous function of watches seems weakened. However, the bright watch is indeed essential for professional divers and adventure lovers. The light feature helps them efficiently work in a dim environment, accurate time, safe and convenient.

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