Does Rolex Have A Back Watch? You Will Know After Reading This

Rolex is a brand we often mention because Rolex does have a lot of remarkable legends. However, after reading a lot, many readers and friends feel that Rolex does not have a transparent watch because Rolex does not need to rely on back to show its strength. Of course, people with this kind of thinking have been “conquered” by Rolex’s charm and magic.

However, replica Rolex has a transparent watch, and there is no lack of “dazzling” ingredients. There is even a feeling that letting others look at me Rolex can also make a beautiful transparent.

This watch is the Prince Cellini series.

Speaking of Cellini, some watch fan friends should know that this is one of Rolex’s few relatively standard formal watches. The round case, leather strap, simple dial, and no Oyster structure strap The fierce wind that gave people, and some people even called: Is this still Rolex?

For example, this watch is the Rolex Cellini series 50509 watch, this watch equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, the case is 18K white gold material, the diameter of the watch is 39 mm, and the water resistance is 50 meters.

However, what we call the Prince Cellini today is more “wonderful” because it has its unique features and some of the characteristics of the Cellini watch we saw above. It is even less like the traditional Rolex style that people recognize.

For example, this watch is square, have you heard that Rolex has square watches? Square watches are more common in brands such as Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The most critical point is also what we want to verify today. This watch is transparent, and the movement and polishing of the campaign are also very unique.

However, this is Rolex.

However, the “good prospects of this watch are not long,” although it first introduced in 1928, it has not been widely “accepted.” Even the “re-engraved” upgraded version of this watch launched in 2005 failed to save this ultimately. The “dismal” of a watch model eventually stopped production again and again.

Five models of Prince Cellini watches launched in 2005 were available in three materials: three white gold models (two regular models, one faceplate with diamonds), one gold model, and one Everose rose gold paragraph.

This Prince Cellini watches all have the same case outline, but some details, including the movement decoration and the dial surface, are still different. For example, the gold model has a Paris nail-finish disc, and the platinum model has concentric circles. Is there a kind of patterned drive, radial patterned disc, etc. that others can do, and I can do it? Such a “dazzling” component exists?

So, why stop production? The reason may not fully explain, but people’s deep-rooted traditional understanding of Rolex watches is difficult to shake. Some people even think that Rolex doesn’t need “dazzling skills” because you are an impossible legend in the industry, and you still have to be “stable” in doing things. For example, I’m always moving from the north to the south.

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